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an exclusive interview with the man who wrote:
"Antonella", "Celeste", "Zingara", "Perla Negra", "Muneca Brava" and more!

The interview with the famous author Enrique Torres:

- Enrique, do you have any family relation with Andrea Del Boca?
+ Of course I have family relation with Andrea Del Boca, she is my sister in law, the sister of my wife. who I met in 1983 thanks to Andrea, she was my friend before I even know Anabella.

- What was your favorite Telenovella?
+ I have few favorites, Celeste was the first one and like they say, The first girlfriend you can never forget!... Iliked Antonella very much... Nano makes me feel very good... "Perla Negra" and of course "Munieca Brava", was very amusing for me.

- When you wrote "Antonella" about what actress have you thought?
+ When I wrote "Antonella" I already knew Andrea is going to be the actress who's going to play, so I wrote it thinking about her.

- From where do you get your ideas for your Telenovellas?
+ I always say that I am a storage cell of useless knowledge. All he still serves to me... most insignificant... The process and him felt encounter. In addition, thanks to God, I have a great imagination. I take advantage of all my fantasies and I let myself be taken by the imagination.

- What novelas did you write?
+ Celeste, Antonella, Celeste siempre celeste, Casi todo casi nada, Nano, Perla negra, Zingara, Mía solo mía,
Cebollitas (infantile), Muñeca brava, Cabecita y Amor Latino (at the moment).

- What do you think about Andrea Del Boca's performance in your Telenovellas?
+ Andrea is a star. A great actress, with a tremendous capacity of possessing work and of a great charisma. Her performances are always wonderful.

- What do you know about Israel?
+ Of Israel I know very little. What I studied to write the trip of Per it with its baby to operate it in the Hadasa hospital (I do not know as it is written) and what it moves to me to know is that my stories are very well received. There I have very good friends, with whom we maintain contact through electronic mail.

- How old are you?
+ 50 years old, I was born the 27 of February of 1950.

- When you're writing your novels, about what actors do you think?
+ I do not think about actors... I think about my characters.

- Are you working about something new right now?
+ Yes, I am working in something new now... But never advance nothing. Champagne is necessary to celebrate it when there is something to celebrate.

- The End -

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