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An exclusive interview with the actor Facundo Arana.

statement: the interview is going to be about his acting
with the actess Andrea Del Boca.

The Interview:

- Facundo, in which series did you play with Andrea?
+ I played with Andrea in "Zingara".

- What was your act there?
+ Rudi, That was the name of the character I was asked to play,
Rudi was sick of cancer, I was asked to fall in love with Paloma,
whom was Andrea Del Boca, to fall in love with Andrea is not the
most difficult thing I had, she was beautiful and attractive.

- Did the character "Rudi" change your life a bit?
Well... you can say so. at the same time we shoot the serie I was
cured from my disease, Andrea was very connoisseur and she helped
me alot, she is smart and clever.

- Would you play a main character with Andrea?
+ SURE!, if only the ask will come, I surly agree to it.

- What do you think about Andrea as an actress and as a person?
+ Well... Andrea is smart and clever, you can learn from her alot.
as an actress, in my opinion, she is one of the greatest, especially
from the fact that she never learned how to play, and she is playing
since the age of 0.

- You know, less than a year ago Andrea was her, in the holly land?
+ Sure, I've heard about her visit in Israel alot, and I know it was
very successful too.

- What do you think about Israel?
+ In three words: I Miss There!